I always used to wonder why it always loads an additional browser tab for no reason. I always thought it doesn’t have to be this way. Mainly while I click to download torrents from different sites, mostly I use yts.ag and it always opens up annoying new window tabs for no reason! And I finally searched for it. I couldn’t stop to write this blog then. Just because it made me feel that good!
I researched on both You-tube and Google for the best solution for these bad boys coming out for no reason. I got two best answers.
1. Some guy got his video on You-tube about nicenice.com where we get to download the off-line installer. I tried it but the site’s wrecked or broken. It didn’t work at all. -_-
2. The best one, THE AD-GUARD AD-BLOCKER, add-on/extension available in both chrome and Firefox. Well for this one you just have to search it on extensions tab or add-ons tab of your browser.It works superbly well.

Now, I am pop-up free! YEYYY! 🙂