In this blog, I shall be mentioning each and every step to have your .np domain registered.
Luckily, we have Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal which have been providing free domain registration for personal sites and corporate websites. But the domain will appear as, , and more. Follow the following simple steps to get your domain registered.

Visit and fill up the form there.
Domain-name: or (any)

Company-name: Enter company name ( for company domain registration )
Contact-number: your contact number for personal or company’s contact number for company’s
Everything else you probably know.
For the name servers you got to check on it – And it probably is and

And for the upload section, you would need following documents in image file format (JPEG or PNG):

For personal
1. A scanned copy of Nepali Citizenship.

For company/organization
1. A scanned copy of an application letter written in the company’s letter-head pad stamped and signed by an authorized office
2. A scanned copy of the company’s registration certificate issued by the office of the Company Registrar, Nepal.

Then click the upload button there.  ( Most of us think that register would automatically upload the images but somehow that’s not in the functionality so click on the upload button )

Then finally click on register.

After these processes are completed, you will receive an email for successfully registering your domain from Mercantile.