Hello, my name is Regan Maharjan. You can also call me Rayheyheygunn but that would be long so just call me Ray. 

I feel like I am an explorer who loves to go out and explore things in life; be it the people around, place or myself. Perhaps, this is the reason why I have become adventurous, outgoing, communicative, collaborative, emotional, positive, open, honest, observing, compassionate and forgiving as well. While trying to explore things in life, I eventually have become this person with all the traits. I really don’t want to miss out anything by not being there as I am an explorer so somehow I have built up the connection with technology and innovation. Maybe that is why I ran into being an IT engineer and I am a huge tech fan.

My hobbies are photography, blogging, traveling, creating videos, modeling, watching movies, reading books, watching space exploration related videos on Youtube, hanging out with my people, listening to music(I love melancholic music), volunteering to the community and yes playing Football as I am a Football fan. I would love to trek in my vacation or primarily just travel to the places I have never been every year. I think traveling helps us shape ourselves in good ways and helps to give us a good perspective on our life. 

I utterly believe in giving back. After all that we have received from anyone or anything I think we should give back or at least try to give back. I love to help people in need, to suggest, to teach and to spread love & positivity because It really feels good doing all these. Due to this, because of this selfishness, I want to inspire people around me, spread the love around me and influence people for the good. 

Regan Maharjan

Software developer, ole nepal


2017 - Present

OLE Nepal

Regan is Software Developer for E-Paath and Early Grade Reading project. He is also working as a graphics designer; visualizing the content for better representation and user experience, and bringing the visual design into reality using web technologies. Specifically, Regan works with Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and design & development libraries of javascript and CSS. He also has to check feasibility of the requirement from content design team if it would stack well with Raspberry Pi. He also does animations using After Effects to make E-Paath more interactive and child-friendly.



Regan designed website mockups and graphics contents for websites. It included designing logos, crafting social media posts and pamphlets, design website PSDs’ and typography.

2015 - present

WordPress Freelancer

He has been crafting web solutions for different agencies and companies to ease their explorability and accessibility to their clients.

About Me

passionate computer and technology enthusiast, driven by the hunger to learn more on this platform. A skilled web developer with the research interest in HCI and new technologies. A self-motivated person with the capability to think through a problem. Proactive to learn new things in life both individually and professionally. 



Graphic Designing and Animation Course


Nepal College Of Information Technology
(IT engineering)


HTML & CSS 86%
jQuery 75%
Javascript 65%
React JS 50%
Photoshop 50%
WordPress 50%
Illustrator 50%
After effects 50%
Adobe Premier 43%
Photography 60%


  • https://reganmaharjan.com.np
  • reganmaharjann@gmail.com
  • (977) 9869361893